Here are just some of the clients we work for, and below are client statements which give testimony to our service and products.  

Herefordshire Housing Association

“The installation performed by Enviroheat was one of the quickest and smoothest installations we’ve had. The tenants have been incredibly happy with the service provided and have already seen significant reductions in running costs. We have had no issues whatsoever, which is quite refreshing for a housing association.”

Tony Jones - Head of Assets and Investments


Our economy 7 heating system was outdated, bulky and expensive to run. Having the heating set at one temperature throughout the property was an inconvenience, the heating took 13 hours to turn off or on and there was no leeway with temperature adjustments.


I cannot fault Enviroheat, and the Econo System installed. Each room has its own thermostat so temperatures can be set to individual preference. If I feel cold, I can adjust and the radiators kick in immediately. They have a modern look and blend in well with my décor, they aren’t an eyesore. My partner loves the fact that he can control the system from his phone. Our house has never felt this comfortable and warm, even in the recent snowy conditions we have been cosy.


The biggest positive factor with the new heating and hot water system is how cost effective it is. Throughout the previous winter I paid £40 a week for electricity, this winter, having the heating on for longer, controlling it how we like it and being on a flat rate tariff my weekly bill has reduced to £30 a week. I was truly amazed.


I recommend Enviroheat’s heating and hot water system to anyone wishing to not only have a modern heating system but for improved comfort and reducing costs. The personal service Enviroheat have provided has made me feel completely comfortable with the system. We have been introduced to the modern way of heating. A very happy customer indeed.

Walsall Housing Group

“WHG is even more confident in the products now that Honeywell technology is integrated. These products should be advertised to all local authorities throughout the country as they are perfect for new build, off-grid, rural and high rise properties.”

Mark Bird Services and ECO Manager for WHG


“The EconoRad heaters are a lot better than the old storage heaters that we had here before. I just put these on whenever I want, they’re quick to heat up and I've actually seen my heating bill go down” - Bengrove Close project customer.

“These new heaters that WHG have fitted have been a Godsend! They are easy to use and provide a stable heating source for my home. I suffer from quite bad Asthma and need to keep a clean, warm home – the old storage heaters gave a dry heat aggravating my condition, these heaters just move the air around my home, not drying it out, it’s just convection heat.” Bengrove Close project customer



“I love my new heaters, they make my property so warm all the time, the mould in the kitchen has disappeared, they are safe for my little boy to touch and I love how I can control everything from my phone”  Thomas House project customer


“The old storage heaters weren’t keeping me warm in the evenings, I wouldn’t be without these new heaters now. Heat whenever I want!” Silver Court project customer


Liverpool Mutual Homes

“We have been impressed by the professionalism and efficiency of Enviroheat in both the installation and the handover process to the tenants. This looks to be a positive project.”

Alastair Bain Environmental and Sustainability Officer



“The Heaters installed are really easy to control with the round thermostats on the wall. They look great too, very happy customer.” Portland Gardens Project Customer


Newark and Sherwood Homes

“The installation and service provided by Enviroheat has been as quoted. Quick, easy and we’re already experiencing great feedback from the tenants in both the assisted living complex and individual flats.” Mark Franklin Asset - Management and Development Services

“This new heating and hot water system is absolutely fantastic. For the first time since I moved in to this flat I’ve been able to have a bath after 5pm because the old system was an Economy 7 cylinder. I’ve got hot water whenever I want. The heating and hot water is currently using 11.1 kW per day because I’ve been monitoring the Watt Meters provided. I have my heating on for around 8 hours a day, and my hot water on all the time, it’s costing me about £1.60 a day – a significant saving from my old E7 system.” Vale View project customer

Alpha Housing - Northern Ireland

“The process from Enviroheat has been exemplary, from the free site survey, through to installation and tenant handover we have had no issues whatsoever. The customers are happy with the installed heating and hot water systems and we are looking to introduce their offering to other associations in our network” Donough O’Higgins – Senior Assets Officer