Our revolutionary heating technology.

Hydro Electric Thermics is our patented, extremely versatile heating technology. It is the practical application of known principles relating to the energy conservation of moving water particles at speed.

For HET to be so efficient the temperature of the water inside the unit must be precisely managed to balance thermodynamic inertia. Water runs through the precision  engineered pump, pushed through at a precise speed and angle into the unique heating chamber where it circulates the heating element transferring and maintaining maximum heat energy in the particles. From here it flows through to the system it is attached to - whether that be a radiator, an indirect coil of a hot water cylinder, a manifold for underfloor heating. Anything which requires hot water to provide heat. 

This process allows HET to consume minimum electrical energy and provide maximum heat.

Through our relationship with Powerstar the UK's leading manufacturer of Behind The Meter storage solutions, we proudly integrate Battery Storage and EV Car Charging into our offering.


VIRTUE is an integrated energy management and microgrid solution with grid control. It is forming an integral part in the future development of smart cities, enabling energy generated from sources such as renewables to be stored locally and ultimately utilised more efficiently.

By allowing complete flexibility to business users and electricity grid operators, VIRTUE enables the evolution from the traditional model of electricity provision to a future smart system of integrated supply and consumption, resulting in lower energy costs, greater security of supply and the transition to a low carbon economy.

Energy Storage


Perfectly combined with an energy storage solution, Powerstar also combine Virtue with Electric Vehicle Car Charging by incorporating both rapid charging and standard charging units that will draw energy efficiently through the stored energy, whilst also providing grid balancing services.


This is essential for any business looking to become carbon neutral in its operations.

Electric Vehicle Charging


LED Lighting

Through our relationship with UK LED one of the UK's leading manufacturers of specialist lighting systems, we proudly integrate LED lighting into our offering.

UK LED have recently advanced lighting manufacturing capabilities with their imaginative and creative designers, now LED can be used to do more than any light source ever previously available. Colour matching, High CRI of 92 + binning to 3 macAadam ellipse have become industry norms rather than exceptions.


With new innovations being developed in Acrylics and glass it has helped them create stunning new luminaries, LED light sources have an unequalled role to play in shaping future design for the generations to come.


UK LED Lighting has demonstrated that the LED solutions they supply deliver quality and reliability, creating a brighter future.


Solar PV

Enviroheat HET have a network of specialist Solar PV installers and designers across the UK and can call upon them to provide full turnkey solutions for clients committed to carbon neutrality and efficient technologies.

Solar Photo Voltaic technology is the most accessible renewable technology for both businesses and domestic properties. We believe that Solar used primarily to reduce the electrical demand on the National Grid is the most appropriate use of the technology, pair Solar PV with storage and then you have a bank of free energy. To rely on Solar PV for generating a subsidiary income will not always yield the desired results.  


Voltage Optimisation

Through our relationship with Powerstar we can offer Voltage Optimisation units for commercial and industrial clients. The Powerstar VO product is the only VO unit to have been granted a Patent due to its unique amorphous core design.


VO is designed to act as an electrical streamlining unit, reducing the bandwidth of electricity to around 230 Volts, eliminating harmonics and regulating power fluctuations protecting any devices and systems on the circuit.



Micro Generator

Every single one of the technologies offered by Enviroheat HET are a result of our beliefs. All these products harness energy in a different way and consume less energy, some even generate energy. But our goal is to provide energy for all, and all of these technologies are connected by our generator technology.

We see that everything is connected, and are working towards the complete solution. The solution is this:


  • Renewables charge a storage system 

  • The storage system feeds a generator which amplifies power 

  • The generator powers several low consumption products

  • A loop of energy that will not stop  

No CO2 emissions, clean, sustainable and consistent energy to power your industry, business, home, your vehicle.

Generator coming 2020