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Got a question about one of our products? Support for organisations and consumers alike can be found below. If you can’t find the answer to your query below, please get in touch.


Where are Enviroheat products made?

We’re proud to be a Great British Manufacturer, our products are made in Greater Manchester for our UK customers. And for our international European customers, we manufacture in Laval, France.

Can you help with choosing the correct solution?

Guidance on the most appropriate solution is a key part of our service, get in touch to book site surveys, heat loss calculations and installation advice.

What size heater do I need?
  • An efficient heating system is a correctly specified system. Our team of specialised engineers will calculate the number and size of heaters required for each zone in the property.
  • In order to correctly specify the heating we will need a number of details including:
    • Location of the property
    • Room type, area in m2 and window areas,
    • Other items such as building fabric types, orientation, insulation etc.
  • This service is free and once completed enables us to cover our heat guarantee. Get in touch to speak to one of the team.
Are your products easy to install?
  • Our EconoRad radiators are very easy to install. We include an installation kit and installation guide with each product to make things as easy as possible. In short, there are 3 stages after correctly specifying the heater sizes.
  • Fixings to walls: Wall brackets need to be fixed to the wall for the heater, thermostats and programmer need to be correctly located and fixed to the walls,
  • The heaters need to be hung on the brackets and connected to a power supply – either wiring in or via a plug.
  • The system needs to be powered up and connected to the programmer
  • Watch our installation video here:
  • The EconoCylnder although simple to install, needs to be installed by a qualified plumber.


What additional support can we expect other than technical support?
  • If you have identified a scheme and are commencing a retrofit, we offer Energy Clinics as a free service. The Energy clinic is hosted at a suitable location I.E local community centre where tenants can view the products, ask questions, plus receive help and advice with their energy tariffs. Here our team can help them find better energy tariffs and switch to save money.
  • We work with principal contractors to train staff on the installation and commissioning of our systems and work with maintenance and compliance teams to provide support.
  • Collaboration with your with internal teams to design and future proof solutions for long term plans.
Can you offer what I need for my budget?
  • We work with a wide range of clients from public to private sector who have budgets varying in size. We endeavour to provide maximum value, no matter what the budget.
What warranties are available?
  • Each EconoRad product carries a 2 year warranty on electronics and 10 year warranty on the radiator panel
  • Each EconoCylinder carries a 25 year warranty on the vessel, 2 years warranty on fittings and 2 years warranty on electronics.
  • Products must be registered with Enviroheat.
  • Extended warranties are available.
What monitoring capabilities do your products have?
  • Products can be monitored via the online portal or app. Energy used, temperature and humidity can be viewed hourly, daily, weekly or yearly proving an invaluable source of data for clients, particularly compliance teams.
What measures have been taken to cater for vulnerable customers?
  • The most vulnerable people should still be able to easily control heating and hot water, our heating products operate at lower temperatures 30-40°C with a maximum of 55°C reducing the risk of scalding. Also for customers with physical disabilities or impairments our suite of products can be controlled via virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant.
How quickly can your systems be installed?
  • Our systems are incredibly easy to install, heating and hot water replacements can be completed within a day, without decanting tenants. This includes the removal of old systems and replacing them with the new system. If the project is not retrofit, the solutions can be installed even quicker.


What is your returns policy?
  • As our products are of a bespoke nature, we only accept returns if the product is faulty, there is a processing charge of at least 10% of the original cost price to cover inspection and fault registration costs. All carriage charges incurred in returning goods to Enviroheat are at the customers’ cost.
  • If you have a non-faulty product you wish to return you must contact our team via
  • We will not accept returns of any kind without a prior written agreement between Enviroheat and the customer.
What happens if I’m only buying a few heaters now, and want to buy more at a later date, will I need to reset the system?
  • The system won’t need to be reset, once installed, the new heaters can simply be added to your existing setup. A modular approach is fine.
How do I control my heating from my phone?
  • visit sign up for an account, enter your Evohome Mac ID and CRC codes, then visit your app store provider and download the Total Connect Comfort app, and log in. From here you can control your heating from your phone.
What’s the most efficient way of heating my home?
  • Heating is a complex subject, with each household living differently to the next. To keep things simple, we recommend sticking to the following 4 core principals
    • Only heat the rooms you are actively in, the rest, turn down to a background temperature. Don’t go to bed with the living room heating turned up! Make sure you utilise the programmer to avoid unnecessary heating times.
    • NHS recommends heating between 18°C-21°C, frequent High temperatures cause more energy to be consumed. Maintaining a constant, stable, safe environment throughout the day is much more efficient.
    • Make sure that the heat generated in the room is kept in the room, this includes keeping doors shut, curtains drawn and tucked behind EconoRad (safe and won’t catch fire) windows closed, if not closed then on trickle vents/the latch to help ventilation.
    • Ensure obstacles don’t interfere with the natural convection, for example refrain from placing furniture against the heaters as this will restrict air flow. Ensure the products are clean and dust free.
How much will it cost to run the heating?
  • This is a common question and the answer is, it’s in your control. With a heating system that can be controlled 24/7, 365 days a year in every zone of the property from 5 degrees to 25 degrees, with your individual energy tariff, there are so many variables that affect running costs. However, we have the following calculation to help you understand the maximum the system can cost to run:
    • A number of heaters used x Electrical Power Rating of used heaters x Number of hours used x Energy Tariff = Maximum running cost.
    • An example: 2 bed Flat has 5 x EconoRad heaters rated at 0.6 kW electrical load, heating for 9 hours a day on an electricity tariff of 18p/kWh
    • 5 x 0.6 x 9 x 0.18 = £4.86 per day maximum
  • Now following the advice about the most efficient way to heat the home, to mitigate the maximum running cost, program the heating for the rooms you’re in, ensure that you’re heating between 18-21 degrees and keeping the heat in. This will reduce the maximum consumption.
    • For instance, the 2 heaters in the lounge and 1 in the hallway maintain 21 degrees for 9 hours, but the 2 bedroom heaters are only heating to 18 degrees for 3 hours per day because you’re not in the bedrooms all day, the maximum cost would be £3.57.

      Typically we see the EconoRad running around 300 Watts per heating hour to keep between 18 and 21 degrees, in this scenario costing an average of £1.78 per day.

    • When the system learns your patterns it will adjust heating times to accommodate heat up and cool down potentially saving even more
  • The control is with you!


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