Everything a heater should be

The EconoRad is our cutting edge, low energy electric radiator. Its familiar design, premium quality materials and intelligent HET® system provide many powerful benefits.

Simple design and installation

EconoRad’s instantly familiar design is deliberately pure and simple, it’s a radiator to heat the room. There are no buttons, dials or complicated displays, just the letters HET®. Made from quality steel, the EconoRad is robust and will last a lifetime. EconoRad is simple to install, secure wall brackets, hang the EconoRad, plug in and connect to the thermostats.
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Power Rating

Each EconoRad has a low power rating thanks to HET® technology, the 600 or 1200 watt power rating is enough to heat the panel and the room. Traditional electric heaters that use more than that, and waste energy by overheating. The low power rating also means that the heating system can be installed on existing electrical circuits without having to upgrade capacity, and be powered directly from renewables
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Thanks to the integrated HET®, each EconoRad will regulate it’s own internal temperature and will always use the minimum amount of energy possible to keep the ambient temperature stable and comfortable. This internal energy management system often means that only 60% of the power rating is used to heat rooms.
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Complete premium wireless control comes as standard with each EconoRad. The wireless control system includes 1 wireless room thermostat pre-connected to each EconoRad, and 1 central programmer per purchase. Users can control the heating from their mobile phone, via virtual assistants or by using the touch screens of the programmer and thermostat.


EconoRad can provide monitoring reports via the app, reports can be generated for temperature, energy consumption, humidity and many more metrics. This is perfect for customers who like to keep track of spending patterns or Housing Sector clients for compliance.

Future innovation ready

If at a later date, renewable technologies are added to the property, the EconoRad can easily be powered directly by these sources or in conjunction with grid connections.

Works hand in hand with your setup


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