Electric Radiator


What is EconoRad?

Everything a heater should be.

Minimum energy, maximum output

EconoRad is a revolutionary heating system specifically designed to use minimum electrical energy to produce the same heat output as other electrical heating systems.

EconoRad is a self contained, water filled radiator powered by our patented heating technology HET. Connected via our exclusive relationship with world renowned heating technology company Honeywell, this heater upsets the balance.

Any sized unit from 700 Watts through to 1.5 Kw will use a maximum of 600 Watts per hour. Fact.

How EconoRad benefits you

How EconoRad benefits you

How EconoRad benefits you

Heat the Room, not just the panel

The EconoRad raises the temperature comfortably in stages, drawing the minimum amount of energy required until the room is soaked in an even comfortable heat, no cold spots.

In Lab testing conditions the EconoRad used 47 watts per hour to heat a room 8m2 to a temperature of 23 degrees, for 72 hours.

That's the same as running a

light bulb.

Per hour, the maximum consumption of EconoRad will be 600 Watts. Using a low delta T to maintain set temperatures, we can heat a room with a heat loss of 1.5 kW/H with 600 Watts of electricity per hour.

We have seen running costs decrease by 60% or more.

Honeywell Partner
Honeywell Wireless Thermostat
Honeywell EvoHome

We are connected 

The EconoRad is controlled via Honeywell wireless devices. Beautifully designed, easy to use and user friendly.


Intuitive intelligent heat control via the 'round' - simply rotate clockwise to increase the temperature of the room, anticlockwise to decrease. It's that simple.


Up to 5 EconoRads can be bound to a single round - perfect for open plan offices or living areas. Once bound each heater will communicate with the round to determine whether to be heating or circulating the water inside the unit for a gradual cool down. Everything is precisely measured with your comfort in mind.

The capabilities of the system when connected to WiFi are truly astonishing. For the first time, you now have complete control over your heating. 


Intuitive intelligent heat programming via the EvoHome - set your weekly planner for heating, the system will learn how each individual zone retains it's heat and automatically engages the EconoRad to reach the target temperature at the time set. The EvoHome will communicate with all the rounds connected and will carry out the heating schedule completely wirelessly, without WiFi. Control up to 12 zones, 60 EconoRads with one single Evohome.

True control comes from connecting the EvoHome to WiFi. For visually impaired clients, you can now talk to your heating. Simply tell Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant what to do. Control with your voice.

Set up your system to use Google Maps, turn down the heaters closest to the solar gain zones, and increase the temperature of the zones which currently have no sunlight, automatically, every day.

Walk 200 yards away from your property and have all heating reduce to 15 degrees automatically.

And of course, control your heating from your phone.