Hot Water Cylinder

What is EconoCyinder?

A Cylinder for the Future. 

Minimum energy, maximum output

In a volatile UK heating market, we unveiled our HET technology. We incorporated HET into a radiating panel and subsequently created an ultra efficient new way of heating. Since the success of the EconoRad, we created a Hot Water solution incorporating HET again. Now we have an ultra efficient Hot Water Cylinder.

Partnered with Kingspan, a titan of cylinder manufacturing we can create any type of EconoCylinder conceivable, this now means that businesses and households can be powered solely by electricity - no need for a gas infrastructure.

How EconoCylinder benefits you

Constant Hot Water, Precisely maintained

The EconoCylinder through an indirect heating source HET raises the temperature of the water gradually and maintains using minimum consumption, no big draws on energy.

Even in a worst case scenario, a traditional cylinder with its boost function enabled will use 6 kW maximum. An EconoCylinder will use 4.2kW maximum with boost and HET. Worst case scenario - a 30% reduction in consumption and ultimately cost.

In Lab testing conditions the EconoCylinder used 200 watts per hour to heat and maintain a 140 Litre Cylinder at 65 degrees.


All electrics including boost immersion are connected to the pre wired HET, just wire in 1 flex cable. Plumbing - cold in, hot out, no requirement for a plinth, just sits on the floor. All Kingspan types of cylinder provided.

An indirect way of heating, but rest assured, it's more efficient this way.

Traditional cylinders will have 2 x 3kW direct immersion elements that directly heat up the water within the cylinder. One immersion always maintains the water temperature via an inbuilt simple thermostat, the second acts as a boost function.

With the EconoCylinder, HET governs a coil in the centre of the cylinder. HET efficiently heats up water in this sealed coil system, which in turn radiates heat into the water of the cylinder, hence why it's described as an indirect way of heating. HET is supported by a 3 kW boost function to rapidly heat up water.

The most efficient way to heat and maintain the water temperature in the cylinder is to have HET do all the work - however this can take a significant amount of time if you're in a hurry (In our larger cylinders HET can take up to 4 hours to reach temperature) It's better to use the boost element for 20 minutes along with HET, then HET will maintain the set temperature at a lower wattage.