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Project scope/The brief

Orbit Homes manage over 45,000 properties and build around 1,500 quality new homes each year. Their aim is to ensure the homes they provide, and the communities they create, are high quality, affordable, safe, and sustainable and become an environment for people to thrive. So, when it came to finding a heating and hot water solution to replace the failing NIBE Air Source Heat Pumps installed throughout their properties, they wanted a high-end, solid solution.

Enviroheat was asked to specify and supply an energy-efficient, easy to use, electrical heating and hot water solution for Orbit Homes, working with installer Dodd Group (Midlands.)

The evaluation/consultation process

The properties with NIBE systems consisted of 6 similar archetypes, low rise blocks with good quality construction built circa 2008. All properties had NIBE F205P units which powered a wet radiator system and an internal hot water cylinder. These properties did not have a significant electrical infrastructure to accommodate electric storage heaters.



The solution

Working together, our heating experts and the Dodd Group installation team considered the evaluation and analysis gathered and we devised a system solution that best suited the properties. We chose a heating system which incorporated some of Enviroheat’s most high performing heating solutions; EconoRad heaters to replace the existing radiators and EconoCylinder  fitted in the former NIBE cupboard to provide hot water, with Evohome central programmer and wireless thermostats throughout the property


Results & feedback

Average savings per year, per property retrofitted with Enviroheat solutions:

  • Money saved per property: £417.60 per year
  • Energy saved per property: 2610 kWh electricity
  • Carbon Emissions saved per property: 668.16 kg

76 Properties were completed, meaning customer saved approximately:

  • £31,737.60
  • 198,360 kWh electricity
  • 50,780.16 kg, or almost 51 Tonnes of carbon emissions saved per year.

*As we only have customer testimonials, the data provided can only be used as an approximate guide or indication of savings. Only verbal information direct from customers’ comments has been used to calculate approximate savings. Assumed electricity tariff rate of 16p/kWh. Carbon factor of 0.256kgCO2e/kw

Feedback on our products

Dodd Group- “EconoRad heaters are easy to install, particularly when they only require a single electricity feed and each heater has a load of 600 Watts. This means that the existing electrical infrastructure can be utilized without having to increase the size of consumer units, add extra feeds and potentially upgrade the supply to the building. The EconoRads heat the rooms well with no cold spots and the controllability is as versatile as the customer wants it to be. The EconoCylinders are compact and come pre-plumbed as standard which decreases installation time down by a large margin ”

They add: “The benefit to the customer of having a high-end system like this throughout their property is that each room is controllable, and the smart thermostat system learns the customer’s heating habits to further reduce energy bills. The heaters look like radiators, so customers are familiar, and as the controls are RF controlled, so internet is not a necessity which is great for some older or vulnerable customers.”

  • Dodd Group

    The Enviroheat system is a quality system, their products are smart looking and are easy enough to install, we’ve built up a good relationship with them over the years.” “What sets Enviroheat apart from the competition is of course, their products but also their handover process, which is comprehensive – they provide that extra customer service.
  • Jodrell street customer – Installation November 2018

    We’re happy with the new system, we’re spending on average £30 per month on electricity, down from £50. We like having our home around 20 degrees, the old NIBE never felt this warm and the hot water works for once. *1500 kWh saved per year, 384 kg CO2 saved per year, 862 kg CO2 saved to date
  • Clough Drive customer – Installation November 2018

    “Because of my health conditions and not knowing much about technology I was a little worried about a new system being fitted, the old one was bad enough. But after the installers finished and walked me through how best to work it for me, I was really happy and comfortable with using it. The new heating and hot water system is making me a small saving of about £15 per month so that’s nice.” 1200 kWh saved per year, 307.2 kg saved per year, 690 kg saved to date
  • Follager Road customer – installation November 2018

    “Very happy with this new heating, we like setting the different rooms at different temperatures, we don’t have the bedroom heater on because the whole flat gets warm now. We’re saving around £45 per month now, after years of such an expensive system this is a relief to us.” 3600 kWh saved per year, 921 kg saved per year, 2072 kg saved to date
  • Izod Road customer – installation August 2019

    “The heating and hot water is a lot better to be fair, before moving here I used to live in a property with storage heaters and they were a nightmare, these heaters look a lot better to be honest, and they’re safe for the little one, they don’t get to scalding temperatures like the ones in my last property.”
  • Conway court customer – installation Jan 2020

    “It’s great, we’re saving around £30 per month. I like the look of them and the system is so much quieter than the old one.” 2250 kW saved per year, 576 kg saved per year, 623 kg carbon saved to date
  • Swan Lane – installation August 2020

    “The new system looks far better, is quieter and I do actually use my phone to turn the heating off and on, sometimes from the sofa. We are saving about £60 a month on electricity, and my brother lives in the flat opposite, his was one of the first to be changed over to this one from the NIBE, he’s said they’re the best heaters he’s had. I don’t know if he’s made any savings like us but we’re happy, looks like we’ll save around £600 this year.” 4500 kW saved per year, 1152 kg saved per year, 574 kg caron saved to date
  • Swan Lane – Installed September 2020

    “I moved here when these flats were first built, so I had the old system for a long time. I used to have a prepayment meter and most weeks I would pay £70, £80, £85 per week on my electricity. The thing was constantly breaking down and I’m not the only one who was struggling, my neighbours were sometimes paying even more than me. I’m really grateful to Orbit for fitting this new system, I love it. I have a smart meter and pay by direct debit, the smart meter is saying my electricity is now around £22 per week, saving me around £55 per week. Everyone in the block is so happy with the new system.” 17,875 Kw saved per year, 4576kg saved per year, 1893 kg saved to date


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