Incommunities Case Study


Project scope

Incommunities Housing Association is one of the largest social housing providers in the UK, focussing on providing and maintaining affordable, high-quality housing for their neighbourhoods in and around Bradford. So, when it came to finding a modern heating and hot water solution, they wanted a high-end, solid solution.

Enviroheat were approached by Incommunities Housing Association to pilot an upgrade of storage heaters and hot water cylinders throughout an archetype of flats near central Bradford. Outdated and inefficient storage heaters and hot water cylinders made the properties expensive to heat and difficult to keep warm.


The solution

We replaced the outdated and bulky storage heaters and hot water cylinders throughout the properties with one of Enviroheat’s most high-performing heating solutions, the EconoRad and the EconoCylinder, a more controllable and energy-efficient electric heating system.

Evaluation process

Before installation, average costs across the properties were gathered. The results showed a weekly spend of £40.12 on electricity. 80.2% of the properties’ energy consumption came from heating and hot water, resulting in an average of £32.18 per property per week.


After Enviroheat installed the new, efficient electric heating system, the average heating and hot water costs reduced to £22.07 a week, a decrease of 31.42%. When including an average price increase of 2p/kWh on energy tariffs, the savings the customers made were even more impressive.

  • Money saved per property: £525.72 per year
  • Energy saved per property: 2920kWh
  • Carbon emissions saved per property: 747 kG


Customer feedback

Alongside the modern look of the heating system and the safety of the surface temperatures, with regards to vulnerable customers and small children, the overwhelming majority of customers valued the controllability and significant energy savings the most.

With its ability to program heating for the week, day, or hour, customers were provided with a much more flexible heating pattern resulting in improved comfort and reduced costs.

  • Hoyle Court customer

    I’ve had the system installed for over a year now and am really pleased. I saved around £500.00 on my energy bills which meant I could take my grandchildren on holiday for the first time in 4 years. I’m able to work the heating and hot water whenever I want it, much better than storage heaters.
  • Peter Catterick Head of Estate Services and Sustainability

    The Enviroheat solution for electric properties is excellent for those properties where heat pumps can’t be effectively used, the benefits to the customer are evident with reductions in bills, ease of control and safety all being mentioned in the feedback from customers. When considering that the products are also renewable ready, when we enter phases of installing Solar PV this makes the products more attractive in the long term too


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