6 Benefits of an Enviroheat Smart Home Heating System

A Smart Home Heating System can be coupled with Smart Home products to further reduce carbon emissions, providing a complete energy management solution

Environmental impact and fuel poverty are increasingly important considerations for developers and landlords, particularly where social housing is concerned. That is why Enviroheat has developed a patented HET® (Hydro, Electric, Thermic) technology specifically to help reduce carbon emissions from heating and reduce the amount of energy needed to heat the average home.

Smart Home Heating System

Our core range of expertly engineered Comfort Suite products – EconoRad, EconoCylinder, and Comfort Control System – can be coupled with exclusive Smart Home products to further reduce carbon emissions, providing a complete energy management solution for the home.

The Enviroheat Comfort Suite (Smart Home Heating System) comprises of:

● EconoRad

Everything a heater should be. Minimum energy, maximum output.

Designed to use minimal electrical energy to produce the same heat output as other electrical heating systems, EconoRad is a self-contained, water-filled radiator powered by our patented heating technology HET®.

● EconoCylinder

Dynamic and adaptive Hot Water whenever you require it.

A Hot Water Cylinder integrated with HET® technology, the EconoCylinder is the next leap forward in stored hot water efficiency. Whether used as a direct source of hot water, combined with Heat Pump systems or traditional Gas systems, the EconoCylinder uses 30% less energy on average than other cylinders.

● Comfort Control System

Wireless control, up to 60 heaters with one controller.

Quickly and easily set hourly, daily, and weekly schedules with our intuitive programmer. The system will automatically learn how each individual zone retains its heat, automatically adapting and engaging the EconoRad to maintain the desired temperature, always using the minimum amount of energy possible.

With Enviroheat, you will have an efficient heating & hot water system designed for:

  1. Quick and Smooth Installation.
    Enviroheat systems are incredibly easy to install, heating and hot water replacements can be completed within a day, without decanting tenants. This includes the removal of old systems and replacing them with the new system. If the project is not retrofit, the solutions can be installed even quicker.
  2.  Simple, Intuitive Control
    With no complicated displays or buttons and voice control, compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and the Google Home Assistant, Enviroheat’s systems are designed for ease of use, even for the most vulnerable and visually impaired.
  3. Greater Energy Efficiency and Smaller Fuel Bills
    Thanks to the integrated HET®, each EconoRad regulates its own internal temperature and will always use the minimum amount of energy possible to keep the ambient temperature stable and comfortable, and energy bills down, ensuring you are helping your residents to manage energy costs.Enviroheat’s EconoRad electric radiators offer zonal control throughout the property – the heaters adapt individually to changing temperatures in each room automatically, maintaining a comfortable climate in each individual room while minimising energy wastage

    Our EconoCylinder (Hot Water Cylinder) regulates its own internal temperature and will always use the minimum amount of energy possible to keep the water at a consistent temperature. The energy reduction measures help keep residents’ fuel bills down while maintaining warm homes.

  4. Produce lower carbon emissions
    Enviroheat’s solutions, when tested, are more efficient than traditional heating systems and can help reduce your heating CO2 emissions, on average, by 50.24%*. Our revolutionary HET technology was specifically designed to reduce energy demand in homes. HET Technology produces THE SAME heat from LESS electrical energy, reducing the amount of energy required to maintain a comfortably warm home climate.
  5. Reporting and monitoring
    The Enviroheat system can be managed via a smartphone app or via a management console that delivers additional business intelligence for Landlords or Housing Associations. The data delivers the ability to identify fuel poverty issues prompting an intervention or can identify potential damp/mould problems saving on future maintenance.
  6. Machine learning
    The Comfort Control system learning “early start” function is constantly figuring out how long it takes a particular room/zone to reach its target temperature and is able to factor in external weather conditions to be able to turn on the heating panels and have the room ready at the desired temperature at the set time.This minimises wasted energy and can deliver cost savings for users by not having to guess how long heating takes to warm up a room and have the heating on longer than is necessary especially as seasons/weather patterns change.

*Source: University of Salford Technical Report June 2015. CO2e carbon factors adjusted to the latest
published figures from BRE.

March 31, 2022


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