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Our mission

To be a part of making energy accessible to all

We’re all about driving change

We believe that developing cutting edge technology, rather than switching energy tariffs, holds the key to eliminating fuel poverty. It is our mission to harness the latest technological advances in energy usage and combine them with ever-changing product design and exceptional manufacturing to create the complete solution for our customer’s energy consumption needs.

We’ve been on this journey since 2011 and with our patented core technology HET®, have developed a core range of exceptional products we’re proud of. At each step, we’ve made fundamental changes.

Today, we remain focused and on the path to reaching our goal.

Our Story

June 2011

Enviroheat HET® is formed by a group of engineers and like-minded people who set out to fundamentally change electrical heating. Using a heat exchanger, pump and electronics directly attached to a water-filled radiator, the first Econorad radiator prototype was created. The face of electrical heating had just changed. Changed from being energy excessive to efficient, low energy without compromising on heat quality.

February 2014

EconoRad units are recognised as a breakthrough in low energy heating and sales start. Testing reports from TUV in Germany and Salford University in UK are published confirming that the EconoRad heater can heat rooms in domestic properties using between 47 – 444 Watts per hour – a minimum of 30% more efficient than Gas heating.

August 2017

Enviroheat HET® partner with global technology giant Honeywell to create the first electric heater with a wireless room thermostat sensor linked to a wireless multi zonal room programmer, in other words, a room-by-room controlled heating system. Forever changing the way electrical heating systems can be controlled in the home. At the same time, a brand new product incorporating HET® technology is created, the EconoCylinder. A product designed to accompany the electric heating, the EconoCylinder incorporated with HET® changed the capabilities of electric hot water cylinders.

May 2019

CERN chief engineer Cedrick Grandbois leaves the Hadron Collider and joins Enviroheat as Technical Director, bringing a vast amount of technical engineering experience to further develop the existing solutions. Enviroheat gains regular contracts with leading Housing Associations to replace existing inefficient electrical heating and hot water solutions.

The Future

Over the years Enviroheat has made fundamental changes to electrical heating and hot water products. From wireless thermostats to new ways of heating hot water cylinders, we have helped to shape thinking around improving efficiency, providing true control to customers, and combining multiple technologies to achieve a fully sustainable complete solution.

And we’re just getting started. Future innovations to look forward to from Enviroheat are Under Floor Heating, Large Volume Space Heating and Energy Generation. As always, we’ll be making some big changes with each of these fields.

How we work

Innovation First

We take an ‘innovation first’ approach to developing solutions for our clients and customers. We don’t follow convention, and we’re not tied down by what’s been done before – we adapt to the latest developments in technology and project requirements to reach the best solution for our customers.

Quality Products

We make products which are beautifully designed, technology-led and expertly engineered. All our products are powered by our patented HET® technology for maximum efficiency and performance.

Service & Aftercare

We pride ourselves on the quality of service our team provides. We support you from selecting the right solutions for your project, to our smooth handover process providing aftercare and support for customers. We’re never more than a phone call away.


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