For you to understand who we are, you must first understand why we exist.

It is our fundamental belief that energy should be accessible to all who require it. We believe that technology, not switching energy tariffs is the way to eliminate fuel poverty, and above all, we believe in upsetting the balance.


Since 2005 our team have been monitoring the increase in energy consumption throughout Europe and have noted the lack of innovation in products which require the most energy to perform. After years of research and development in 2011 we came together with one goal, one vision and launched Enviroheat HET. Unveiling to the world our core technology HET.

We create what is needed, not always what is expected.

We look at things differently, we don't follow convention we follow innovation. All that we have created, is the result of our beliefs. Our technologies and products are precision engineered, easy to use and have a significant impact on energy consumption.


We create energy efficient heating, hot water and generator products. We provide Energy Storage, Voltage Optimisation, LED Lighting and Renewable technologies for clients Europe-wide.


Why do business with us?

Because the work we're doing now is better than the work we did six months ago, and the work we'll be doing six months from now will be better than the work we're doing today. We work with a sense of pride and commitment to our vision.


To create world leading technologies so that people can enjoy a world without fuel poverty. If you share our views and believe what we believe, then we're better than our competitors. Our goal is to work only with customers who are in alignment with our beliefs.